Corporate Governance

A robust and ethical corporate governance structure

Strong corporate governance is essential to the systematic growth of any company. Our corporate governance framework balances the interests of our shareholders, our customers and our community.

Our committees

Each of our committees is responsible for the oversight of their individual area in line with Qatar Central Bank (QCB) regulation, industry best practice and internal controls. Committee members are assigned these responsibilities based on the knowledge and experience they can bring.

QIIB committees

  • Executive committee
  • Policies & Development committee
  • Benefits, Nomination & Compensation committee
  • Past Due & Provisions committee
  • Real Estate Investment committee
  • Share Investment committee
  • Audit, Governance & Compliance committee
  • Risk committee

Board of Directors Charter: defines the responsibilities of the board.

Memorandum and Articles of Association: describes our company, its establishment, purpose, ownership and how it will be governed.

Annual Corporate Governance Reports: gives a detailed insight into our corporate governance activities throughout the year.

The Commercial Register

Terms and Disclosures forms of Share's Ownership