Corporate Social Responsibility

A part of our community

At QIIB we are guided by our commitment to our nation in everything we do. We place a significant importance on making a tangible and positive impact on our community and that’s why corporate social responsibility is built into our corporate identity and culture.

We are proud to contribute to the development of our country and do so in a number of ways:

National Vision

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the growing importance on developing Qatar as a global sports hub, we are championing a number of sports related activities and contribute to a range of events and conferences focused in this area.

Knowledge development

Our nation’s youth are our future leaders and our investment in them today will see them achieve great things for Qatar and further afield. We therefore support a number of schools and hold summer holiday training in financial services at our head office and branches.

We have been running the QIIB Career Day since 2013 and have achieved overwhelming success at inspiring and recruiting young Qataris into the workplace.

Social development

We support a range of social development activities that impact the heart of our community. From sponsoring medical conferences and events to supporting charities through local fundraisers, we donate not only financial help, but also volunteer our time and skills.