In recognition of its outstanding performance in information security, QIIB has been awarded a high-level certificate by SISA company

  • Deputy CEO: We invested heavily in the technical infrastructure, which enables us to be positioned at the highest security level


DOHA: Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) has obtained the highest certificate in the field of bank card data protection (PCI-DSS) from SISA, a global payment security specialist.

PCI DSS aims to secure credit and debit card related information and SISA award this to institutions that achieve the highest security standards in this industry.

Mr. Jamal Al-Jamal, QIIB Deputy CEO was handed over the certificate by Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy, SISA CEO, during a ceremony held at the bank headquarters’ at the Grand Hamad Street.

Among those present were Dr Jamal Al-Asmar, (Chief Risk officer), Mr Nasser Hassan, Executive Director (Information Technology), Mr. Hesham Mohamadin, Senior Director (Information Security) and Mr Shazin Ali, (Head of IT Infrastructure & Delivery and Support).


Commenting on the prestigious certificate obtained by QIIB in the field of information security, Mr Al-Jamal said: “We, at QIIB, pay special attention to the safety and secrecy issues related to customer data at all times. With heightened risks threatening the banking systems globally, we have invested heavily in the technical infrastructure, which enables us to be positioned at the highest security level, in the light of the great technological advances made.”

“The importance of the certificate obtained by the QIIB lies also in the evaluating and awarding company, which is considered to be the largest on a regional scale in the field of information security and securing customer data in the banking sector. It has a long history in banking service and we are keen to take advantage of its experience and cooperate with it”, he added.

The Deputy CEO stressed that the QIIB will spare no efforts to upgrade to the standards it is aspiring to, whether in the field of information security / operating risks or in the provision of better services and products to its customers. This will help QIIB meet the ever increasing customer needs’ and expectations.

Mr Shanthamurthy said, “The safety issues related to banking data and systems are of a high priority in the banking sector. We are delighted to conclude that the QIIB embraces this priority and share our beliefs in this regard.”