QIIB to finance the subscribers to the initial public offering (IPO) of the QAMCO shares


QIIB announced that it will be financing the subscriptions to the initial public offering (IPO) of the Qatar Aluminum Manufacturing Company (QAMCO) shares, which officially starts tomorrow, October 30 (Tuesday) and continues until November 12.

QIIB has made all the required logistic arrangements to welcome the subscribers in the branches that are participating in the QAMCO IPO subscription.

On the occasion of QIIB’s participation in the QAMCO IPO subscription, Mr. Jamal Al-Jamal, QIIB Deputy CEO, said, “We are delighted to participate in all activities which add value to the national economy. No doubt that the subscription in QAMCO shares clearly reflects the dynamic state of the Qatari economy, which is able to provide development opportunities and engage the largest possible number of citizens in the success and evolution of the Qatari economy”.

He said QIIB is participating in the IPO subscription to QAMCO shares by financing prospective subscribers and welcoming them at 15 dedicated branches covering all the regions in the country with flexible subscription hours, in the morning and evening as well as at the weekend.

Al-Jamal noted, “QIIB provides the subscribers with financing 65% of the subscribed shares’. As for IPO applicants whose salaries are not transferred to QIIB, the limit of subscription finance has been set from 7,000 shares to an upper limit of 50,000 shares.

However, there is no limit for QIIB customers who salaries have been transferred to the bank.

He called on the “subscribers to benefit from the opportunity of QIIB’s subscription finance along with the facilitated conditions, which have always met clients’ expectations and needs for fair, flexible and expedite finance.”

The Deputy CEO expressed the hope that “The subscription to QAMCO IPO shares will be smoothly conducted in all relevant QIIB’s branches; knowing that the Bank has successfully executed similar operations in the past. A professional and experienced team supervises the various aspects related to the IPO subscription while dealing with the standards and requirements that are necessary for the success of the subscription process.


Clients are able to subscribe to the initial public offering (IPO) of the Qatar Aluminum Manufacturing Company (QAMCO) shares in the determined QIIB branches and obtain the finance, starting Tuesday.

All information on subscribing to the QAMCO IPO can be had from the QIIB call center on 44840000, round the clock.