On the occasion of Qatar National Day, QIIB announces the best finance offers and offers on credit cards


Jamal Al-Jamal: National Day is a valued occasion that we celebrate with our customers with special offers that cater to their aspirations


QIIB has announced its celebration of Qatar National Day by launching special offers comprising personal finance and car finance and on credit cards from December 1 to December 31.

The new offers aim at fulfilling the aspirations of QIIB clients, seeking personal finance or car financing at the best profit rates, easiest terms, and smooth earnings of ‘QIIB Points’ through the use of bank credit cards.

The new offer allows QIIB customers as well as other banks’ customers who wish to transfer their salaries and obligations to the QIIB, to get personal and car finance at an annual competitive rate starting 2.83% (5.25% APR) with a grace period of up to 12 months for Qataris and three months for expatriates.

As part of the offer, each customer will receive a gift of up to 18,000 QIIB Points against car financing of QR100,000 or personal financing ofQR QR 200,000

As for the credit card offer, QIIB cardholders can earn unlimited points, enabling them to fetch air tickets to their preferred destinations.

The offer is open to QIIB’s ‘Wajaha’, ‘Hospitality’ and ‘Platinum’ card customers.

Commenting on the finance and credit cards offers, QIIB Deputy CEO, Mr. Jamal Abdulla Al-Jamal said, “The National Day is a valued and cherished occasion. We are happy to celebrate and value it. We express this in several ways, namely sharing pride with all our customers by providing them with special offers that meet their expectations”.

“It has become a tradition for us to inform our customers the best offers, on the occasion of the National Day, on which we have noticed a strong demand. These offers also reflect the interaction of the bank with its growing and expanding customer base”, he said

The Deputy CEO noted, “In addition to the importance of National Day celebrations, one of the advantages of these offers is the inclusion of all categories of customers – both nationals and expatriates, resident in Qatar. They are also provided with the easiest terms, allowing our customers to enjoy the quality and speed service through our network of branches in various regions”.

All current and new customers may contact QIIB’s Call Centre on 44840000 (which is available round-the-clock) to inquire about the details of these offers.

Customers may also take advantage of these new offers by visiting any of the QIIB branches located all over Qatar.