QIIB announces up to 65% financing to Baladna shares

  • QIIB has announced up to 65% financing to Baladna shares sought by prospective subscribers in the IPO, whose salaries have been either been transferred or not transferred to the Bank.
  • Jamal Al Jamal: 15 QIIB branches are dedicated to welcome subscribers.


Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) announced its participation in the subscription to Baladna initial public offering (IPO) and the financing of Bank's customers whose salaries have either been transferred and or not transferred to the Bank during the IPO subscription period from October 27 to November 7.

QIIB has made all the required logistic arrangements to welcome subscribers in the 15 branches that are participating in the IPO subscription process. Such customers can review any of these branches dedicated for this purpose.

QIIB Deputy CEO Jamal Abdullah Al Jamal commented on the Bank's participation in the Baladna IPO subscription process, saying: The subscription to Baladna is of great importance given the company's relevance to our country's food security. The company also proved lately to be a qualitative addition to the Qatari economy, which provides great opportunities and making it one of the leading economies in the region".


He said, “We are very active in the IPO subscription process, through financing subscribers from customers whose salaries are either transferred or non-transferred to the Bank. We are also very delighted to welcome our prospective subscribers at the 15 dedicated branches covering all the regions in the country with flexible hours, in the morning and evening as well as on weekends".

Al Jamal noted: "QIIB provides prospective subscribers with up to 65% financing of the total value of shares subscribed shares, ensuring them flexible, fast and easy finance, and meeting their expectations and needs to obtain financing to participate in the subscription to Baladna.


Customers can subscribe to the shares of Baladna in the determined QIIB branches, as per the announcement issued by the bank and published in national newspapers and on the bank's website.

For more details regarding the subscription process, customers may call QIIB call centre on 44840000, round the clock.