QIIB strengthened its staff cadre with a group of new Qatari female and male


Ali Al-Mesaifri: We seek to achieve the government vision by enabling Qatari competencies in various sectors and departments of the Bank

  • A comprehensive training programme for new employees focusing on banking and cyber security

In line with the principles of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the field of human resources that focus on empowering citizens in various sectors, QIIB announced the recruitment of 12 new Qatari female and male employees.

The new male and female Qatari employees have been appointed in various QIIB departments and at various job levels, thus allowing them to effectively engage in all banking activities, whether directly dealing with clients or providing services through the bank’s specialised departments and support units.

On the occasion, Mr. Ali Hamad al-Mesaifri, QIIB Head (Human Resources and General Services) stated, “At QIIB, we seek to achieve the government vision by enabling Qatari competencies in departments of the bank, in line with Qatar National Vision that primarily focuses on human development and citizens’ participation in building their country".

He said, "The strategy developed by the Board of Directors in human resources and placed on top of its priorities by the executive management focuses on national competencies and strengthening the bank's various departments. This is done by employing female and male Qataris from various specialisations and preparing detailed training and qualification programmes that allow them to discharge their duties effectively and provide them with the opportunity to climb the career ladder to the top management.

"We are implementing a long-term plan that is consistent with the government directives and visions in the field of human resources. We are keen to open our doors to our children who wish to embark on an ambitious career path in the banking sector with the best job benefits and appropriate training and qualification opportunities."

Mr al-Mesaifri said, "QIIB will continue its efforts towards job placement and Qatarisation in a manner consistent with the government programmes that emphasises on empowering citizens in the private sector in general and in the banking sector in particular as it plays a vital role in the development of the national economy".

QIIB has prepared extensive and comprehensive training programmes for its new Qatari emloyees, which cover various banking aspects, such as direct dealing with clients as well as key and vital areas such as cyber security, combatting money laundering and terrorist financing, in addition to programmes to hone up administrative and marketing skills.