QIIB awarded prestigious ISO 27001 Certification for Banking Information Security



  • Jamal al-Jamal: We attained the highest level of excellence in Information Security
  • Hesham Mohamaden: QIIB’s award of ISO 27001affirms our capacity to protect the bank’s assets and prevent any hacking attempts.


Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) is pleased to announce that it recently received the ISO 27001certification, one of the world’s most prestigious accreditations in information security, which reflects its high standing in the protection of the Bank’s as well as customer data.

QIIB was awarded the ISO 27001 Certification based on a set of criteria that were thoroughly examined, including the technological structure and procedures that the Bank’s Cybersecurity department has been adopting.

Additionally, the controls that the various departments are implementing in the field of information security as per an integrated systematic plan that guarantees the highest standards of information and data confidentiality were also examined exhaustively.

After receiving the Certification at a special event held at the QIIB headquarters on Grand Hamad street, QIIB Deputy CEO Mr. Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal said, “Obtaining the ISO 270001 Certification confirms the high information security level we have reached. In fact, we are effectively investing in various technological systems as we are responsible for protecting all our data and managing the various information and computer systems and vital infrastructure so as to ensure the highest levels of security and prevent any attacks and attempts to steal data".

He said, “The ISO 27001 Certification awarded to the Bank is deemed an international recognition of our abilities and a realistic and practical acknowledgement to our customers that they can rely on us to acquire the best banking services. This is in line with the highest standards in high-tech security systems as the confidentiality of our customers’ information remains at the top of our priorities”.

The Deputy CEO thanked QIIB staff, particularly the Cybersecurity team, for all their efforts and hard work to maintain the highest international standards in information security.

Mr Hesham Mohamaden, Head, QIIB Cybersecurity, said QIIB’s award of the ISO 27001 Certification proves the bank’s high level of interest in protecting information in all their forms, including online information and data on papers.

“This helps the bank keep up with the advanced environments and face the contemporary international challenges and threats, as we strive to keep pace with the latest technological developments in the field of information security and were able to enhance its protection levels. This is done by choosing the appropriate security controls and taking the necessary steps to ward off potential risks before they occurred. Obtaining the ISO 27001 Certification was the culmination of these efforts.”

He added: “This certification is given to institutions that made a huge leap in the protection of information. In fact, we, at QIIB, are continuously working on this aspect, as we are keen to enhance our customers' confidence in all our operations, under all circumstances. We are also focusing in our strategy on keeping abreast of the latest global developments in the field of cybersecurity, as we will in future, so as to enhance our position in facing various risks related to technological or cyber issues".

It is worth mentioning that QIIB obtained this year, for the fourth time in a row, the highest certification in the protection of payment card data (PCI-DSS), which is granted to institutions that achieve the best security standards in this vital and important field.