QIIB participates in Qatar National Sports Day celebrations

  • Al-Shaibei: Our active participation in Qatar National Sports Day celebrations is in harmony with the Qatari society's mindset

QIIB participated in the Qatar National Sports Day (QNSD) celebrations by organising an event that reflects the bank’s keenness to engage in the various activities of interest to the Qatari society, particularly sports, in light of Qatar's evolution into a global destination of choice for different types of sports.

A large number of employees and executive management team led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei walked along the Doha Corniche as part of the Qatar National Sports Day celebrations.

In the morning, the participants gathered in front of QIIB's headquarters, in Grand Hamad Street, and then walked to Doha Corniche where the sports events took place as part of the Qatar National Sports Day celebrations.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. al-Shaibei said, "Under the leadership of His Highness the Amir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, our country has now become an example in various fields, including sports. Qatar has become a global destination for athletes from different countries. Our country is now regularly hosting world championships and other events in some of the most important sports disciplines.

He said, "At QIIB, we are keen to participate in the various activities that promote the values represented by sport, such as excellence, success, dedication, patience, perseverance, achievement, tolerance and ethics. This stems from our belief that institutions must play a complementary role, regardless of their functions. Banking and economic, social and development activities and sports play complementary roles and serve the community with all its components".

"Qatar National Vision 2030, which is being achieved, gave sport a great boost considering the positive impact it has on individuals and society. It symbolises human cooperation and interaction, in the local community, among citizens and residents, and at the international level, between different peoples".

Moreover, Dr. Al-Shaibei noted, "In addition to world championships held in Doha, sports in the State of Qatar have made great strides at various levels. Qatari teams have achieved incredible successes, both regionally and internationally, while our exceptional national Qatari athletes have won global and regional championships. Today, we are proud of them, as every Qatari citizen is.

"These achievements and successes, whether at the level of facilities, the organisation of championships, or the results achieved by Qatari champions and teams, did not come from void. They were the result of hard work, proper organisation, diligent efforts and planning as well as the result of a societal culture that is aware of the importance of sport as a daily activity that improves one’s body fitness and sharpens mind and helps build a healthy society".

QIIB's CEO stated, “The bank will continue to support various social events and activities, namely sports. Sport has a long-term impact and societal and cultural value that contributes to increasing interaction among the various groups of society, citizens and residents. It also helps create a positive dynamism that enhances the values of affection and emanates from the principle of winning, achieving, succeeding and maintaining good performance in various fields".

On their part, QIIB's participants at the National Sports Day events expressed their happiness in taking part in the day's activities.

QNSD has become an annual tradition that highlights the importance of sport and reminds everyone that it is an interaction between civilizations that transcends the borders of languages and cultures. It also promotes the acceptance of the other and of the results of fair competition, whether it is a loss or a win. The most important thing ultimately is peace, cooperation and noble values.