QIIB takes part in the National Sports Day events this year taking into account the adopted precautionary measures


       Dr. Al-Shaibei: Despite Covid-19 pandemic, the State of Qatar remains the world’s sports hub

QIIB participated in this year’s National Sports Day events in a manner that reflects the new circumstances related to the spread of Coronavirus and in line with the requirements and guidelines related to the sports activities and events approved for 2021 National Sports Day.

The Bank encouraged all its staff to workout individually in open areas in line with the precautionary measures that do not hinder the practice of many sport items, such as walking, running and biking, especially in parks, walking trail and designated bicycle tracks, which are given a lot of emphasis by the State to encourage everyone to practice sports in a safe manner and create a healthy and interactive community.

QIIB Chief Executive Officer Dr Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei and a number of senior executive management members led the Bank participants in the Sports Day’s activities as they took part in the events, fully adhering to safety protocols and complying with the health requirements.

Commenting on QIIB’s participation in the National Sports Day events, despite the current circumstances, Dr Al-Shaibei said, "The Sports Day has a special significance to our country, which has become an international sports hub. For this reason, celebrating this event amidst the current pandemic reflects our country’s determination to get on with life and adapt new measures and controls that shall not stand in the way of looking after our health and physical fitness. However, such measures and controls are applied to serve individuals and provide them suitable environment and conditions under different situations and circumstances, including contingencies”.

He said, "It is true that group sports are important and beneficial and echo the real meaning of participation, interaction and communication at social, human and cultural levels. Yet, the current circumstances emphasise the importance of exercising as it boosts the individuals immune system, strengthens their determination, helps them to cope with pressure, and makes them much more productive, interactive and able to give."

"QIIB is keen to participate in various activities that underline the positive values represented by sports, which will enable the whole society to share a strong sense of strength, cohesion, productivity, and interaction in various indicators and trends."

Dr. Al-Shaibei noted, "Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the State of Qatar has remained the world’s sports hub and organised a number of international and regional championships, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and security, which has contributed to Qatar's great successes in various fields."

He stressed, "Qatar National Vision 2030 has laid the basic foundations that kindled interest in sports, for the National Vision’s primary focus is on the individual and how to achieve his aspirations and needs according to the best standards and principles. Creating successful, productive, healthy and fit individuals means creating a strong, cohesive community capable of giving and building and developing its country."

On their part, QIIB's officials and employees who participated in the National Sports Day expressed their interest in taking part in the Sports Day events despite the new circumstances. And they stressed on the importance of complying with the prescribed health and safety requirements for combating Covid-19 pandemic and returning to a normal life.

It is worth noting that the National Sports Day Committee has laid down the conditions and guidelines related to the 2021 National Sports Day events and activities, which require this year’s sports activities to be conducted individually and in the open air only, while applying social distancing and maintaining a distance of at least three meters during each sports activity.