QIIB celebrates the joining of a new batch of Qatari staff in the Bank

  • Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani: Taking care of Qatari cadres and attracting them is an essential part of the bank’s strategy

  • Mr Al-Shaibei: The new Qatari employees will bring in more quality to our cadre and contribute to the expansion plans being carried out by QIIB


QIIB celebrated the joining of a new batch of Qatari employees who have been accepted among the bank’s cadre, during the Second Employment Day organised by QIIB recently and during which it offered job opportunities for nearly 65 Qatari women and men in various departments within the bank.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah Al-Thani, QIIB Chairman and Managing Director, and Mr. Abdulbasit Al-Shaibei, QIIB CEO met the 23 new employees at the end of the intensive training course they have undertaken at the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA). 

QFBA chief executive officer, Dr. Abdulazziz Al-Horr, also attended the meeting along with Mr. Jamal Al-Jamal, Deputy CEO and a number of senior bank executives.

At the beginning of the meeting, HE Sheikh Dr Khalid welcomed the new staff members and expressed satisfaction at the enthusiasm and sincere desire he had found among the employees to work and progress.

The training assessment reports have shown that the new Qatari staff members possess the right aptitude and that they can in a very short period of time make it into QIIB’s professional team.

He said, “We pay special attention to our Qatari citizens in line with the government's plans in this regard. And we are fully committed to achieving the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 by attracting Qataris, properly placing them and providing them the best career path in the banking sector.”

HE Sheikh Dr Khalid called upon the staff members to primarily serve their homeland and community, as the duty requires everyone to make utmost efforts to improve the country.

“Everyone plays a different role and the more perfect role we play, the more benefits we bring to our country and ourselves.”

HE Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani affirmed that QIIB will proceed with its policy in the field of human resources that focuses on Qatari citizens, taking care of them and facilitating them in the various departments of the bank and its branches and giving them all appropriate opportunities.

Mr. Abdulbasit Al-Shaibei welcomed the new employees to QIIB family, which he said has kept its doors always open for Qatari men and women, and put them at the forefront of its priorities.

He said: "Today, we are witnessing the results of the Second Employment Day, organised by the bank. This new batch of Qatari staff members will join a number of the bank branches as well as other staff members who have already joined the bank and became part of its structure."

He stressed the new Qatari employees will bring in more quality to the Bank cadre and contribute to the expansion plans being carried out by QIIB, which involves the opening of several branches. Many new branches will be launched in the near future.

Mr. Al-Shaibei said, “The 38 training days were intensive and we could see many new talents with great potential. This has really pleased us and proved that there are energies. In which we must invest and work on. Here I thank Dr. Abdulazziz Al-Horr, Qatar Financial and Business Academy CEO for the academy’s concern and his personal concern towards QIIB personnel during this successful programme.”

The CEO mentioned that the programme contained some 15 different training modules, which include those related to banking activities. These will ensure the new employees move forward in their assigned work in different QIIB branches.

Mr Al-Shaibei called upon the staff members to benefit from the experiences and expertise of their colleagues and superiors at work.

He said, "The work on deepening their expertise will go on and all training privileges will be extended to them and the bank will ensure that they move up their career ladder."

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdulazziz Al-Horr praised QIIB’s interest in its new Qatari employees and confirmed that Qatar Finance and Business Academy had closely cooperated with the Bank in this outstanding programme.

“We have seen a great deal of interest from the bank's management and trainees to benefit the most from the cooperation with the Academy. We wish the trainees all success in their career with QIIB”.

Dr. Al-Horr affirmed that Qatar Finance and Business Academy is always ready to cooperate with various institutions and apply the programmes that contribute to further placements and training that end up in serving the Qatari economy and upgrading the experiences and skills of the Qatari cadres.

QIIB had organised the Second Employment Day from January 20 to 22 at Sheraton Hotel Doha in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.