QIIB honours long-serving employees

  • Dr Al-Shaibei: QIIB's staff is distinguished by their work, team spirit and high-quality professional performance

QIIB honoured a number of long-time employees who served the bank for about 25 years, in a gesture that reflects the bank’s interest in appreciating the efforts of its employees and their dedication to work and contribution to the bank’s journey during their career.

QIIB Chief Executive Officer Dr Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei, handed over certificates of appreciation to the honoured employees at a special ceremony held at the bank, taking into account the approved precautionary measures, in the presence of Mr. Ali Hamad al-Mesifari, Head of the Human Resources and Administration Affairs Sector at QIIB.

The honoured employees are: Muhammad Awad Idris, Syed Asim Mahmoud, Rais al-Islam, Muhammad bin Ahmed, Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Salih, Shafiq Abdul Jalil, Abdul Moneim Ali Hassan Ahmad, Walid Omar Muhammad Dalil, Ali Awad Saeed al-Jaidi, Muhammad Fayrouz Mustafa Khan.

During the ceremony, Dr al-Shaibei expressed “QIIB’s appreciation for the great efforts made by the honoured employees during their service in the bank's various divisions and departments, their contribution to the development of the bank and for their hard work and experience put at the service of the bank so as to achieve their personal interests and that of the bank as an institution".

He pointed out, "Honouring the dedicated employees is a tribute to their achievement, sincerity and loyalty. It is an important milestone that motivates the bank’s staff in general to give more and make more efforts to improve the work, achieve the best results and satisfy customers who are always our top priority".

QIIB's CEO affirmed, “Honouring the bank's elite employees who have spent a long time serving the bank is an occasion to commend the efforts of all the bank's employees. We are keen to choose our staff from among the best experienced, competent and qualified. This contributes to the advancement of the bank's various work levels and the accomplishment of many achievements that clients and shareholders can concretely witness".

Dr al-Shaibei said, “QIIB's staff is distinguished by its work, team spirit and high-quality professional performance, which are particularly evident in the bank's high local and international ratings, as well as the outstanding results achieved by the bank at various levels and its ability to overcome various challenges and convert those into opportunities.

"QIIB builds its human resources strategy in accordance with strict standards, taking into account the government's directives that focus on attracting Qatari competencies and capacities to the banking sector, as the bank is keen to open its doors permanently to citizens aspiring to join the banking sector at various levels of responsibility".

The QIIB CEO called upon the bank's employees to continue working hard in line with the best approved standards, improve their efficiency, pay attention to everything new and keep abreast of the latest global developments in the banking sector, which is important to achieve the desired goals.

For their part, the honoured employees expressed their great appreciation for the kind gesture made by the bank's Executive Management, which bears respect for their long service.

They affirmed that they will continue to carry out their duties in the best possible manner in the optimum interests of the bank.