Protection using 3D Secure

More protection for online payments
We care about protecting your online transactions when you are using your QIIB Credit/Debit Card, A QIIB Credit/Debit cards have the payment authentication security feature 3D Secure
Enjoy shopping with your QIIB Card with confidence using the top security standards.

1. What is 3D Secure?
It is a feature on QIIB Credit/Debit Cards for increase protection of your online purchases.
This is a 6-digit one-time-password (OTP) used only for a specific transaction. You will receive as SMS to your registered mobile number, and you will need to use it on the payment authentication page that will be display during the payment process.
The payment process will not be completed and confirmed until you enter the (OTP) that was sent to you correctly.
2. How do I register for the OTP (One-Time-Password) service?
There is no registration required to use this feature. The OTP SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.
3. Are there any fees to be paid for 3D Secure?
It is free; QIIB will not charge you for this feature.
Roaming charges may apply depending on your mobile service provider.

4. How do I know the mobile number that the OTP is send to?
For security reasons, the mobile number to which the OTP sent to will not be shown, but you will be able to see the country code and the first four digits of the mobile number.
At any time, you can change the mobile numbers of your primary and supplementary card by calling our call center 44840000 or visiting any of our branches.

5. What happens if I do not receive the OTP?
You can click the "Resend" button from the payment authentication page and a new OTP will be sent to you via SMS to your registered mobile number. You can use the “resend” option up to a maximum of 10 times with a 30 seconds gap between each request.

6. When does the payment authentication page expire?
The authentication page will expire within 5 minutes. if an OTP is not entered correctly and the "Send" button is not clicked.
If the authentication page has expired, the transaction will be declined, your card will not be charged, and a page confirming that the payment process has expired will be shown.
7. What happens if I entered an invalid OTP three times in a row?
If you entered an invalid OTP three times in a row, the transaction will be declined and a page confirming the declined payment will be shown.
In this case, you have to repeat the purchase process from the beginning.

8. Is 3D Secure applicable on all Internet transactions?
No, the feature will only be available on websites that use this system and display or logos on their payment pages.
9.How to use the Credit/Debit card Online
  • Visit the merchant website
  • Select the products you want to buy and choose to check out
  • Select Debit/Credit Card as payment option
  • Enter the details like Debit Card No, Expiry Date, CVV printed on your Card
  • Enter the Onetime password received in the registered mobile Number and complete the transaction


Note (Only for Debit Card)

Some merchants are still not enrolled for the secure payment, customer can still complete the transaction and checkout within in the daily defined transaction Limit.

No. Of Transactions per day 5

Per transaction Limit  QAR 1000

Daily transaction Limit  QAR 5000

          For more information, please call 44840000