Transfer of NRGP Program Facilities to Qatar Development Bank

QIIB pleased to inform you that we have received a decision from Qatar Central Bank allowing the transfer of facilities granted to clients under NRGP Program to the financial portfolio of Qatar Development Bank.

QIIB will start accepting requests from clients who wish to transfer their facilities starting from October 10, 2023.

Program Details:

  • Only the outstanding financing balance will be transferred, subject to arranging the payment of due profits with the bank.
  • The total repayment period can extend up to 5 years, including a grace period of 12 months (minimum grace period is 3 months).
  • A preferential profit rate of 1% annually.


Requests will be accepted from October 10, 2023, until February 10, 2024.


Required Documents:

  1. A request from the client signed by an authorized signatory for the transfer of facilities to Qatar Development Bank, specifying the repayment period and the required grace period (total duration of 5 years, including a 1-year grace period, with a minimum grace period of 3 months).
  2. A copy of the valid commercial register of the company (if the company is a branch, please provide the commercial register of the parent company).
  3. A copy of the founding contract.
  4. A copy of the commercial license and the establishment record.
  5. Personal ID cards of the company's partners.