Personal Banking

Your needs. Your bank.

At QIIB, we deliver a Personal Banking experience that really is personal to you. Through our friendly personal banking team, you will experience a customer centric attitude to everything we do. After all, what’s important to you is important to us.

Our Shariaa compliant products and services are designed with our customers wide ranging banking needs in mind. Whether you are looking for easy to manage global banking transfers, transparent and fair finance options, or a flexible current account or savings account, we are here to help.

Our customers come to us and stay with us because we understand their personal banking needs.  

Make our bank your bank today for a personalised approach to your banking needs.


Need a Shariaa compliant bank account? View our range of QIIB Current and Savings Accounts for your everyday banking needs.

Need a Credit Card that works at home and abroad? See how our range of Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards can meet your needs and apply for your QIIB Credit Card today.

Need finance quickly, maybe for a new car or home? Whatever the reason, we have a range of QIIB Finance packages that can work for you.

Need to insure a new home, new car or understand more about protecting your family with a Shariaa compliant Takaful plan?

Need a bank that supports you in managing your money your way? Take a look at the market leading features of our
e-services and the branch support we offer.