Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the new QIIB website

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new website where you can find the latest information about QIIB, our products, services and initiatives.

As the Chairman and Managing Director of QIIB, I am proud of the successful and influential bank we have become since our establishment nearly a quarter of a century ago. We have honoured our Qatari roots and are guided by our traditional family values which to this day are reflected across all of our branches and in all of our customer interactions.

Under the wise leadership of our government, Qatar’s economy has flourished and we have been able to support our country and its National Vision through the provision of enhanced Shariaa compliant banking products and services for the Personal and Corporate channels.

Over more recent years, we have put an emphasis on our corporate governance to improve accountability to our stakeholders and on building a stable foundation upon which to expand our banking services. This is reflected in our strong financial strength ratings from globally recognised rating agencies.

We continue to adapt our Islamic banking proposition through the use of modern technology and specialist services, including dedicated real estate, treasury and investment departments. These focused services elevate our offering of local and international Shariaa compliant banking solutions.

Our dedicated team of professional banking individuals whom have local, regional or global industry knowledge give QIIB the substance it needs to deliver what our customers need on a daily basis.

Our customers are important to us and we seek to deliver to them our company mission daily, work with dedication towards our company vision and be guided in our actions by our company values.

Above all, we treasure our country, our community and our national youth and see it as our responsibility to support each of these to the best of our ability.

Thank you for visiting our website and once again I would like to welcome you to QIIB.

Your values. Your bank.