Trade Finance

As one of the Islamic business finance pioneers, QIIB has developed products and services that are innovative and flexible so that clients can realize optimum value from the benefits and practicality of Islamic financing. The bank is geared to handle all forms of letters of credit or guarantee. Whether importing for local consumption or for exports, QIIB offers appropriate solutions.

Opening and managing letters of credit (transferable, revolving, standby etc.) is a core function of the bank’s trade finance division, while letters of guarantee are in operation to cover significant amounts in key business areas such as tender bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees and retention.

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Instructions to be followed for filling and submission of below forms:

Please ensure that all pages of the forms are stamped & signed by your authorized signatory(s).

- If you have made any corrections/changes on the form, please ensure that all the corrections are stamped & signed by your authorized signatory(s).

- Request forms such as Declaration/Indemnity Form should be typed, stamped & signed by your authorized signatory(s) on your company’s letterhead.



Letters of Credit-IMPORT

Application for Opening a Documentary Credit (Cash)

Application for Opening a Documentary Credit (Murabaha)

Amendment of Letter of Credit

Promise to Purchase

Murabaha Sales Contract- Import Transaction

Food indemnity undertaking form

Approval form for insurance ‘C’ clause

Application for shipping guarantee

Debit authority form for LC Cash

Letters of Guarantee

Application to issue Letter of Guarantee

Amendment application for L.G

Debit Authority Form for Blocking

Inward Documentary Collections

Purchase order form (Collections)

Outward Documentary Collections

Submission form for Outward Documentary Collection

Other Forms

Declaration/Indemnity Form