The Best Merchants Payment solution with QIIB Point of Sale

QIIB Point of Sale (POS) provides merchants with an ideal payment solution with a high credibility, trust and security for Merchants and Customers

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and Secure payment
  • Compatible with contactless solutions and wearable payment devices including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Compatible with most Cards NAPS, Visa, Master...etc.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) that allows cardholders to pay with their card currency.

- To apply for the Merchant Point of Sale (POS) service please visit any of the QIIB Corporate Branches.


Requesting QIIB Point of Sale

  • Download the “POS Acquiring Services Application Checklist” for all items required. Click here
  • Complete the “Merchant Agreement” form Click here
  • For additional POS Devices, please complete the “Additional POS Terminal Request” form Click here
  • Affix Company stamp on all forms

For more information, please call 44840088

*Subject to Terms and Conditions