The Best Finance Offer by QIIB

QIIB is pleased to announce our competitive Finance offer, in partnership with Qatar Airways Privilege Club.

Key Benefits:

- Competitive APR from 6% (Flat Rate equivalent to 3.26%), dependent on Customer Segment

- Receive 10,000 Avios by Qatar Airways Privilege Club for every QAR 100,000 of Finance and its multiples

- Early settlement reward of up to 100%

- Apply for Financing via QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking and branches

- Offer available to QIIB and non QIIB Customers who transfer their salaries and liabilities to QIIB

- Grace period of up to 12 months for Qataris and up to 3 months for Expatriates (from the financing period)

- Offer valid until 14th June 2023


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Minimum Finance Term is 2 Years
  2. Avios are calculated on Net Finance, therefore any Payoff during the Campaign Period will be deducted from the Finance amount when calculating eligible Avios
  3. Avios are to be added within 90 Days from the end of the Campaign
  4. The Customer is responsible for providing a valid Qatar Airways Privilege Club member number
  5. Vehicle Finance:
  • All Vehicle Type, new or used
  • Vehicle financing of up to: (Residents)

           - 100% for Qatari
           - 80% for Residents

  • Vehicle to be mortgaged to QIIB
  • Vehicle insurance is compulsory


For more information, please call: 44840000