QIIB launches Visa Credit Card Summer Campaign, giving 186 customers the chance to win


Omar al-Meer: QIIB cards provide the best features for different customer categories


DOHA: QIIB announced the launch of its special summer Visa Credit Cards campaign, which provides cardholders with the opportunity to win three valuable prizes on a daily basis, from July 1, 2021 until August 31, 2021.

Throughout the campaign period, QIIB Visa credit card holders can leverage their everyday spending, whether inside or outside the State of Qatar, to win the three daily valuable prizes- smart watches from ‘Apple’, ‘Garmi’ and ‘FitBit’.

In order to be eligible to win, the customer is not required to make any registration or take any other action, however, the customer shall only use his / her QIIB Visa Credit Card for making daily payments, inside or outside Qatar.

The daily number of credit card usage will be decisive in winning the daily prizes.

Under the conditions that have been set in the QIIB Summer Credit Card Offer, every local payment transaction will be deemed as one winning opportunity, while each overseas payment transaction will be deemed as two winning opportunities.

Accordingly, three cardholders among QIIB cardholders who made the highest number of daily payments, will automatically win the three prizes. In case the number of transactions equal between two cards, the total paid amount by each cardholder in all the daily transactions will determine the winner.

Commenting on the launch of QIIB Visa Credit Card Summer Offer, Mr. Omar Abdelaziz al-Meer, Head of Business Development and Alternatives Channels Sector at QIIB, said, “We are very pleased to add excitement this summer with our Visa Credit Card offer especially after the recent drop in Covid-19 cases and with many countries gradually opening their doors again for travel and tourism. Our Visa Credit Cards help our customers make their payments with ease and security locally and internationally”.

He said, “We are keen to mark this summer’s awards as a reflection of the boom seen by QIIB in the field of digital transformation as we launched QIIB Pay, which supports contactless payment solutions and includes many channels with great features that suit different categories of customers and meet their needs in the field of payments, in an easy, safe, and speedy manner”.

Al Meer added, “We wish that all our customers win and feel as winners once they obtain the QIIB Credit Card Visa given the many features that this card provides to different categories of customers. We are pleased to witness the steady expansion of our QIIB Visa Cardholders’ base for various categories, including the new ones launched by QIIB that targeted specific segments such as salary cards, domestic labour cards, business and corporate cards, and other categories.”

QIIB was established in 1990 as the second Islamic bank in Qatar and it is currently the third-largest bank in terms of assets and market value. QIIB began its operations in 1991 and it provides comprehensive banking services to its customers through a wide network of branches located across the country.

In addition, the Bank has succeeded in establishing an advanced technological environment and alternative channels that have leveraged the banking services provided to a new level. The Bank has diverse regional and international partnerships.