QIIB announces the opening of nominations for membership of the Board of Directors




QIIB board of Directors announces the opening of nominations of membership of the Board of Directors for nine memberships in which six memberships will be chosen in the annual general assembly and three independent members will be selected in accordance with the articles of association of the bank for the period for the next three years 2023-2025 to fill nine seats. The Shareholders who are willing to apply for the board nomination and they are matching the conditions specified in the Bank articles of association, the Commercial Companies Law, Qatar Central Bank instructions and the QFMA governance code for Companies & Legal Entities Listed on the Main Market, they should apply from Tuesday, 10th of January 2023 until Monday 23nd of January 2023. Nominations is open for those who meet the following conditions:

  • The age of the candidate shall not be less than twenty-one years and shall have full eligibility.
  • The candidate must not have been previously convicted with a criminal penalty or a crime involving breach of honor or trust or one of the crimes referred to in Articles (334) / (335) of the Commercial Companies Law, or has announced bankruptcy previously, unless he has been rehabilitated.
  • To be a shareholder and an owner of (2,000,000) shares of the bank’s shares while nomination and to be deposited within sixty days from the day of the membership start, the nominee must accept to block his shares during his membership of the BOD until the end of the membership terms, and he shall approve the financial statements of the last fiscal year in which the member carried out his duties

The conditions for Independent memberships:

  • In addition to points 1 and 2 above, the nominee should not be a shareholder or owner of shares of the bank or a member in a group , personals who has influence over the bank.
  • That he has not previously worked in the bank for the last three years or has any contractual relationship with relatives of the first degree, or that he has not received any salary from the bank or any sum of money except for what he received in his capacity as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • The candidate should Not to work or contribute to any entity that provides consulting or professional services to the Bank, or to the auditor in his personal capacity, or to any of his first-degree relatives.
  • The candidate must not related to the first degree by any of the other members of the board or the executive management of the bank
  • He must hold a university degree and be experienced and specialized in the financial or banking field.

Note: Board membership nominations are subject for nomination and governance committee review, in which they observe the conditions for candidacy as an independent member in accordance with the corporate governance regulations set by both Qatar Central Bank and Qatar Financial Markets Authority and give their recommendation through the board of directors to the annual general assembly. Independent members shall be selected in the general assembly in case the nominees are more than three members.

Shareholders who are wishing to apply for nomination are required to visit the Secretariat of the Board of Directors on the 3rd floor of QIIB headquarter, Grand Hamad St. through the bank’s working hours from 8 am until 2 pm to fill the required nomination forms, and submit the required documents.


Please click here for the nomination form


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